Grab Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ for $850 at Amazon

Grab Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ for $850 at Amazon Brian Oh/Engadget All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. If you buy something through one of the links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. You’re in luck if you like the thought of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ but found its launch price too dear. Amazon is selling the unlocked version of the pen-toting flagship

The Big Four In Tech Are Buying Into The Renewable Boom

By Haley Zaremba  “By the end of the coming decade we will be on one of two paths. One is the path of surrender, where we have sleep walked past the point of no return, jeopardizing the health and safety of everyone on this planet,” the Secretary General of the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference COP25 told his audience last December. “Do we really want to be remembered as the generation that buried its head in the sand, that fiddled while the planet burned? The other option is the path of hope.” While the United Nations and expert organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have done the professional and diplomatic version of begging, pleading, and crying for more

Silicon Valley Investor Aims To Create Tech Hub In Maine

By PYMNTS A new research institute in Portland, Maine, is intended to electrify the local economy and provide a hub for multiple career fields outside of the major cities that dominate most tech job searches. The test project was introduced Monday (Jan. 27) by a host of officials including Gov. Janet Mills and Mayor Kate Snyder, who gathered on the riverfront and announced the project that they hope will be their savior from the flailing productivity growth and starved business formation numbers. The city has 66,000 residents, and city officials have been worried about how things will develop in the future — things can’t survive only on lobstering and tourism, and former jobs in forestry and fishing have declined in recent years. To read more:

Tech Companies Take A Leading Role In Warning Of Foreign Cyber Threats

By GREG MYRE The U.S. government says it's on high alert for cyberattacks from foreign countries in this election year. Yet private cybersecurity firms have often been the ones sounding the alarm, and in some cases, they are selling their services to the U.S. intelligence community. "We've seen Iran impersonating political candidates," said Sandra Joyce, the head of global intelligence at FireEye, a leading cybersecurity company. "They've even fabricated letters that look like they're coming from concerned citizens. They get themselves published in newspapers. Well-known newspapers. But they're influence operators from Iran. They're not concerned citizens from Texas," she added. To read more:

Apple played key role in making ‘Ireland tech capital of Europe’

By Ciara O'Brien Apple has played a key role in making “Ireland the tech capital of Europe”, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said. Speaking at an event in Dublin to mark the iPhone maker’s 40 years in the State, attended by Apple chief executive Tim Cook, Mr Varadkar paid tribute to the company’s contribution to the Irish economy. “Only four years after it was founded, Apple opened a factory in Hollyhill in Cork, employing 60 people,” he said. To read more:

Deal breaker? China nationalizes strategic tech with eye on US

By SHUNSUKE TABETA BEIJING -- China is taking throngs of high-tech companies under its wing to prepare for a protracted standoff with the U.S. despite calls from Washington to step back from the business sector. The two countries signed a "phase one" trade deal Wednesday, but deferred thorny topics like intellectual property protections and Chinese state subsidies for a second round of negotiations expected to start soon. The nationalization of high-tech companies could become a potential roadblock in the so-called phase two talks. A total of 165 listed Chinese companies changed ownership in 2019, roughly 60% more than the year before due to China's economic slowdown, according to the China Securities Journal, a newspaper backed by the state-run Xinhua News Agency. To read more:

Investors Are Learning That Clean Tech Pays

By Matthew A. Winkler The American companies most reliant on embracing green technology are outperforming every broad measure of the stock market, delivering a greater return last year than all but two (Russia and Greece) of the world’s 94 leading equity indexes. These are the 92 publicly traded firms with at least 10% of their revenues derived from clean energy, energy efficiency or clean technology, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. They're proving that the threat of climate change is also an investor's opportunity. Not since 2013 has there been a year when the S&P 500 Index and Russell 3000 gained 31%. Yet this exceptional result didn’t come close to the performance of the clean companies, with their combined total

L.A.’s booming tech scene gets its own publication to cover it, with all-star investors

By SAM DEAN When Spencer Rascoff moved back to Los Angeles four years ago, he discovered a broad and vibrant tech economy taking root in his hometown. The only thing it lacked: a hometown tech publication to tell the world about it. Rascoff had seen the impact that a tech-specific publication could have firsthand while living in Seattle, where he co-founded and then ran the real estate tech company Zillow for nearly a decade. He appreciated how the local site Geekwire helped create a sense of community in the city’s software scene. To read more:

The 2020 GovTech 100: Investors Bet Big on Gov Tech

By BEN MILLER, ANDREW WESTROPE Five years ago, Government Technology saw something happening: Civic tech was changing. Fueled by new technologies, modern methodologies and a sudden interest from investors, startups were beginning to work more with government. In a space long dominated by incumbents, notorious for complex procurement and implementation cycles, agencies were hungering for something new. We took note, and launched a list of 100 companies that represented that ecosystem. Now in its fifth year, the GovTech 100 has reached a new level of maturity. A lot has changed. A lot hasn’t. In terms of the headline-grabbing venture capital world, gov tech has not yet arrived. But it has come a long way. To read more:

CES 2020 Kickoff Highlights the Decoupling of U.S. and China’s Tech

By Naomi Xu Elegant The world's biggest consumer technology trade show kicks off Tuesday in Las Vegas amid an escalating tech cold war between the U.S. and China. While new generation tech that has been the focus of China's innovation efforts—like artificial intelligence and 5G—will be at the forefront of CES 2020, major Chinese tech players like Alibaba, Tencent, and are absent from the first major global tech event of the decade. The U.S.-China trade dispute is spilling into CES in spite of plans for the two countries to sign a "Phase One" trade agreement on Jan. 15 in Washington. A Chinese consulate and commerce ministry-backed station at the expo will offer free legal help to Chinese attendees, who have also been encouraged to carry documents