Schneider Electric announces master-level EcoXpert partners

Schneider Electric announces master-level EcoXpert partners Schneider Electric has nominated a group of EcoXpert partners that the company says display the most innovation and leverage the latest IoT-enabled technology to deliver digitised solutions for management and control of electrical power systems. The group has achieved master-level status in Critical Power and Substation Automation for 2021. The award-winning EcoXpert Partner Program is a worldwide network of certified partners with expertise in power management, building optimisation and energy efficiency. Its more than 4000 members hail from over 75 countries and represent the world’s leading system integrators, application providers and technology companies. Partners who achieve Master-level status represent the top percentile of companies that are trained and certified by Schneider Electric as leaders in their field of

How connected building technology delivers business value in commercial real estate

How connected building technology delivers business value in commercial real estate Prior to the onset of COVID-19, the top commercial real estate priorities were keeping costs down, making spaces more appealing for tenants, and meeting sustainability goals through increased energy efficiency. Like many other verticals, the global pandemic has revolutionised commercial real estate. While the industry was already dealing with challenges including operational costs, energy efficiency and ongoing sustainability of real estate portfolios, now it must also focus on the health of building occupants and rethink how space is used. A new opinion paper from IDC explains how connected building technologies can help deliver higher real estate asset values and help manage the new challenges brought about by the global pandemic. In a

Faulty solar system fears drive sales

Faulty solar system fears drive sales Sydney-based installer Solaray Energy reports that one in five inquiries come from people concerned about faulty or failing solar PV systems. Solaray Energy Director Jonathan Fisk said his company last year received hundreds of inquiries from people with several-year-old systems that were poorly designed and not working well. “Up to 20% of our inquiries at the moment are coming from people with a faulty, failing or poor-performing solar PV system,” he said. “The problem is that too many systems used poor-quality equipment or were poorly installed to keep the price down. Over time, these systems start degrading or failing, leaving many consumers with no recourse or remedy as often the installers have long since left the market. This,

Union vocal about WA power plan

Union vocal about WA power plan The Western Australian Liberal Party’s plan to shut down two power stations in Collie within four years would put Perth’s power supply at risk and throw thousands of workers on the scrap heap, the mining and energy union has said. According to the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), over 1500 direct jobs in the power stations and mines that supply them would be lost under WA Opposition Leader Zac Kirkup’s proposal to shut the Collie and Muja power plants by 2025. Many more jobs and businesses would also be threatened by local coalmines becoming unviable — including Worsley Alumina, which relies on local coal. “This insane plan to close these power stations by 2025 would

Overcoming the challenges of technology adoption for field staff and contractors

Overcoming the challenges of technology adoption for field staff and contractors Change. It may be as good as a rest, but for many people it can also bring uncertainty, confusion and apprehension. And this year has seen seismic change on a global scale — from the way we go about our everyday lives to the very fabric of the way organisations conduct their business. Is it any wonder people in their hundreds of thousands have been happy to hunker down at home, working remotely and barely sticking their heads above their metaphorical parapets to see if and when it’s safe to come out again? But even without the rigours of 2020 to contend with, when changes are made to our work routines

Smart home training on offer

Smart home training on offer For many home owners, the local electrician or cabler is the first port of call when considering smart home technologies. Awareness of smart devices and home automation systems is growing, giving electricians and cablers to opportunity to capitalise on what is quickly becoming an essential utility in today’s homes. In order to offer your clients a truly customised solution — and to maximise business potential — you need to know what you’re talking about. CEDIA has introduced two new training initiatives form Australian electricians and cablers An Introduction to Smart Homes This is an introductory three-hour seminar covering the opportunities available to those wishing to enter the home automation sector. This session covers the home automation industry, the available training

Tradies start a conversation around mental health

Tradies start a conversation around mental health Brisbane-based social enterprise and workwear brand TradeMutt has launched its new non-for-profit organisation: This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS). The service is aimed at tradies, truckies, blue-collar workers and their families, and helps continue the conversations that TradeMutt’s funky work shirts have started across the nation. Since March 2018, the eye-catching shirts have taken the blue-collar community by storm and amassed the support of over 42,000 tradies across Australia, many of whom wear their bright-coloured work shirts every Friday to help start conversations about mental health.  Co-founders and carpenters by trade, Ed Ross and Dan Allen decided to launch the brand after Allen lost a close mate to suicide.  After their early success starting public and cultural

Caution on insulation testing

Caution on insulation testing Modern insulation testers are designed to ensure a non-lethal output, but no-one should be tempted to verify this statement by ‘testing’ either themselves or someone else. People vary enormously in susceptibility to electric shock, so non-lethal operation can never be absolutely guaranteed. It is also essential to understand that things are different in a real-world test situation. During an insulation test the tester charges up the insulation of the device or cable that is under test. The output from the tester alone may be insufficient to cause serious injury or death, but the stored charge can easily deliver a fatal electric shock. The device or cable can also hold charge for a considerable time after testing and disconnection from

METCASE TECHNOMET 19″ mini-rack range

METCASE TECHNOMET 19″ mini-rack range Click2Contact METCASE has added 5U as a standard height to its TECHNOMET 19″ range of mini-racks for table-top instrumentation. They are now available in all heights from 3U to 6U as standard. These advanced mini-racks are designed for mounting standard 19″ subracks, chassis and front panels. Applications include test and measurement equipment, networking and communications devices, sound and studio systems, laboratory instruments, industrial computers and control systems. Elegant TECHNOMET 19″ enclosures consist of two diecast aluminium front and rear bezels, the case body with internal chassis and a removable rear panel. Four snap-on cover trims create a flush-fitting cohesive design with no visible fixing screws. The front and rear bezels include standard 19″ panel mounts with caged nut apertures for

On-grid inverter warranty extended to 10 years

On-grid inverter warranty extended to 10 years Solar inverter and storage solution vendor GoodWe has increased its warranty to a standard 10-year full warranty across its full range of on-grid inverters, when the products are registered on GoodWe’s Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) portal. This 10-year warranty period will apply to all inverters produced after 1 October 2020 and installed in Australia after 1 January 2021, and represents an extension of five years on the existing warranty period. Dean Williamson, Country Manager of GoodWe Australia, said the company is committed to providing assurance and value to its existing and potential customers and this new 10-year warranty solidifies that commitment. “We hope this new warranty will give customers more confidence to choose our world-leading