Guiding the electricity market through COVID-19

Guiding the electricity market through COVID-19 The latest measures designed to guide the national electricity market through the COVID-19 pandemic have been announced by the Australian Energy Market Commission. In a final determination on how to adapt its wide-reaching five-minute settlement reforms to the reality of COVID-19, the Commission has announced it will give energy businesses an extra three months to get ready for the change — now set for October 2021. Five-minute settlement involves the biggest IT overhaul Australia’s energy market has ever seen. It is a major market reform to inject more fast-response energy options into the power system and will mean the wholesale electricity spot price is settled every five instead of every 30 minutes. The change will benefit batteries,

Electrical vehicle-to-grid trial held in ACT

Electrical vehicle-to-grid trial held in ACT One of the largest electric vehicle (EV) vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trials in the world is about to be held in Canberra. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced $2.4 million in funding to ActewAGL, to facilitate the demonstration of V2G services in Australia. As batteries on wheels, V2G technology allows EVs to discharge electricity back to the grid or even provide services to improve grid security. The Realising Electric Vehicle-to-Grid Services (REVS) project will see 51 Nissan LEAF EVs deployed across the ACT to test and provide V2G services. The EVs will be part of the ACT Government fleet and when plugged in will provide frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) to the national electricity market (NEM). Traditionally provided only

Top 10 data centre trends for 2025

Top 10 data centre trends for 2025 The top 10 trends expected for data centres in the year 2025 have recently been released by Huawei. From 2010 to 2019, data centres evolved from ICT equipment rooms to cloud technology. Rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and 5G is expected to bring a new era, with a dramatic increase in market demand for data centres. At the same time, data centres are facing challenges such as difficulties in obtaining resources for construction, lengthy construction periods and high energy consumption. The top 10 trends for data centres, as predicted by Huawei, are listed below. 1. High density power CPU and server capacity are continuously increasing, as IT computing capacity continues to

Schneider Electric awarded for high performance

Schneider Electric awarded for high performance Schneider Electric has been named HPE Momentum Edge Partner of the Year 2020, recognised for its performance, growth and innovation. At the HPE Partner Growth Summit Virtual Experience, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the winners of the 2020 HPE Partner of the Year Awards. These channel partners from across the partner ecosystem have been awarded for their outstanding performance, commitment to customer excellence, focus on growth and innovation, and professional achievements. “We are proud to be recognised for our collaborative efforts in bringing commercial and industrial edge together with operational technologies for the benefits of our customers,” said Chris Hanley, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Global Channels and Alliances, Schneider Electric. “We look forward to growing this critical

MFB Slim Line cabinets

MFB Slim Line cabinets Click2Contact The MFB Slim Line series of cabinets are a smart, attractive, low-profile patch panel hub enclosure. These Australian designed and manufactured cabinets, with angled doors, are suitable for the SOHO workspace or installed in confined spaces or high traffic areas. As standard, they are available in 2RU and 3RU depths. These cabinets provide the necessary flexibility for smaller patch panel installations in a vertical wall-mounted format. They feature a large open rear area for bulk cable access. Further to this, there are 50 mm diameter cable knockouts in the top and bottom for additional cable and line feed. The cabinets feature hinged, key-lockable vented doors, in standard key or bi-lock format for additional security. These Slim Line cabinets are manufactured

Improving Australia's energy efficiency

Improving Australia's energy efficiency Australia’s untapped energy efficiency potential has been illustrated in a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The report also highlights the massive potential of energy efficiency to create jobs, cut bills and address climate change — and according to the IEA, Australia can do much more to seize this opportunity. The 10 recommendations, published by national leaders, ministers, top business executives and prominent energy experts that make up the Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency, show how energy efficiency can play a central role in fixing the social and economic damage of the COVID-19 crisis. “A major drive to improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses could create 120,000 job years of employment in Australia,

Early detection of faulty powerlines proves critical

Early detection of faulty powerlines proves critical A faulty powerline has been detected before it fell in a high fire danger area of Victoria. The high-tech early fault detection (EFD) system had been installed on a 13,000-volt powerline at Porcupine Ridge near Daylesford, and located a broken conductor strand that was promptly repaired by Powercor’s line crew. This is the third powerline at risk of falling that an EFD has found during a small-scale government-funded trial covering less than half a per cent of Victoria’s high fire-risk powerlines. The results of this trial indicate that all 30,000 km of Victoria’s single-wire powerlines in high fire-risk areas could have EFD monitoring installed for about $30–40 million. The trial finished 12 months ago in mid-2019 but

Ensuring reliability during electrical substation upgrade

Ensuring reliability during electrical substation upgrade When the time comes for electricity distributors to upgrade medium-voltage switchgear and substations, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability are key concerns. These were the primary considerations for an electricity distributor in New Zealand upgrading one of its 33 kV substations — it required a solution that met both safety and environmental goals. It was also focused on the sustainable use of resources, minimisation of waste and wise use of energy. Ageing outdoor equipment meant the switchgear in one of the substations was at the end of its life. The decision to replace the outdoor 33 kV switchgear with indoor switchgear would make working conditions safer for employees and allow the electricity distributor to explore more environmentally sustainable

Developing a decentralised power grid

Developing a decentralised power grid An energy exchange framework designed to better manage distributed energy resources has been developed by researchers at Monash University. The research paper, which was published in a leading international open-access journal, Energies, suggests the implementation of a transactive energy market (TEM) framework to help consumers lower their power costs, by reducing peak demand, and accessing revenues from the provision of network services, such as frequency and voltage management, for the main grid. The increasing adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as rooftop solar panels, is changing power grids from a centralised system, served by large-scale generators and transmission networks, to a more local and decentralised system. In the evolving electricity market, customers benefit from using renewable energy resources,

Northern Data AG to expand HPC data centre

Northern Data AG to expand HPC data centre One of the world’s largest providers of high-performance computing (HPC) is expecting to expand its HPC data centre in Texas. The Northern Data AG data centre will expand to an operating capacity of 1000 MW within the first year, with a further expansion to 3.6 GW planned by 2023 at the latest. "We are currently ramping up our capacity as planned and build up in stages to now reach a capacity of one gigawatt by the end of the current year,” said Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO of Northern Data AG. The wholly owned Northern Data subsidiary Whinstone US operates a large data centre for HPC applications using an innovative cooling system and a self-developed artificial intelligence (AI)