The Morning After: Microsoft bought the game studios behind Doom and Fallout

The Morning After: Microsoft bought the game studios behind Doom and Fallout The big news last night was Elon Musk saying Tesla’s big battery innovations are, well, years away. But let’s start with something a little more immediate. Beside all the buzz regarding next-gen consoles, Microsoft has been busy elsewhere. It just signed a deal to buy ZeniMax Media, one of the largest independent games publishers in operation. Who? Well, it owns the

Transforming the electrical wholesale industry

Transforming the electrical wholesale industry With COVID-19 restrictions reducing opportunities for in-store interactions, the electrical wholesale industry has had to rethink the way in which it operates. Many electrical retailers are now relying more heavily on online and phone-based connections to maintain proximity with their customer base. One such electrical wholesaler, which has successfully transformed into a multi-channel customer service operation, is JH Market. JH Market operates a marketplace for products sourced globally that are designed, tested and certified to Australian standards. The business is almost 25 years old and has grown from a small walk-in store to an industry-leading supplier of lighting and electrical products with branches in Victoria and Queensland. It supports a 12,000-strong trade customer base and is currently diversifying with

Man dies on roof after suspected electrocution

Man dies on roof after suspected electrocution A man thought to be a professional tradesman has died while working alone on a roof in Queensland after a suspected electrocution. Channel 9 reported that on 1 September, the 53-year-old was found unresponsive on the roof of a veterinary surgery in Capalaba, south-east of Brisbane. Industry body Master Electricians Australia (MEA) has said that the incident serves as a salient reminder of the need for a vigilant approach towards electrical safety. Although the exact cause of the death is not yet known, MEA CEO Malcolm Richards said that the incident reinforces the need to regularly check safety switches and ensure that the power is turned off before conducting any electrical work. “Each year 15 people from across

APS Industrial DB Essential distribution boards

APS Industrial DB Essential distribution boards Click2Contact Following the launch of the APS DB Ultimate, APS Industrial has released the second range within the ‘DB’ family, the APS DB Essential. Consistent throughout the DB family of distribution boards, the Essential is custom designed for the demands of Australian industry, and is purpose built for compatibility with Siemens circuit breakers. The DB Essential has been developed as a lightweight distribution board for high-end commercial and medium-duty industrial environments. The enclosure by KATKO is a fully welded construction and meets the highest IK rating against external mechanical impacts while maintaining an IP55 ingress rating. Together, these ratings make this range of distribution boards suitable for indoor and outdoor applications typically seen in office, retail, hotel warehouse and

Keeping connected during COVID-19

Keeping connected during COVID-19 The global COVID-19 pandemic has seen a marked shift in the way individuals and organisations are connecting to one another. While lockdowns and social restrictions have been in place, people have become more reliant than ever on internet and telecommunications networks. As demand for bandwidth continues to rise, many industries are undergoing a digital transformation and the race to roll out the most advanced 5G technology has gathered momentum. How 5G is reshaping industries While 5G has already penetrated a range of industries and markets around the world, its use has mainly been limited to smaller, more densely populated areas. However, its abilities and applications have proved incredibly useful for a range of industries. For instance, 5G with low latency and

Disciplinary action taken over unsafe electrical work

Disciplinary action taken over unsafe electrical work Action has been taken by the Electrical Licensing Committee against six electrical licence holders in May and June 2020. According to an alert from the Queensland Electrical Safety Office, a number of licences were suspended and fines handed down for unsafe practices. In one instance, an electrical worker failed to identify electrical risks and implement safe systems of work when he installed a new main switchboard and submains. The submains were connected with incorrect polarity, resulting in the earthing system becoming live. The property manager and worker received shocks because the worker didn’t complete all mandatory tests, so the reverse polarity wasn’t identified. The worker’s licence was suspended for six months and he must complete competency units prior

Maximising efficiency for the future power grid

Maximising efficiency for the future power grid With the rapid uptake of renewables and alternative means of power, there has been a push to design a more effective power grid. Australia has more than two million installed rooftop solar panel systems, making up nearly one-quarter of the capacity of the overall electricity grid, and in some areas, local take-up of solar panels is well above 40% of all customer premises. The increasing adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs), such as rooftop solar panels, is changing power grids from a centralised system, served by large-scale generators and transmission networks, to a more local and decentralised system. Consequently, an energy exchange framework designed to better manage DERs has recently been developed by researchers at Monash University. In

Increased solar power output after COVID-19 lockdown

Increased solar power output after COVID-19 lockdown The worldwide shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic saw a marked increase in solar power output, a new study has found. With much of the world’s travel and commerce brought to a standstill, people around the world started noticing clearer skies as a result of lower levels of air pollution. Now, researchers have been able to demonstrate that those clearer skies had a measurable impact on the output from solar photovoltaic panels, leading to a more than 8% increase in the power output from installations in Delhi. The effect should apply to solar installations worldwide, but would normally be very difficult to measure against a background of natural variations in solar panel output caused by everything from clouds

La Trobe installs 7500 solar panels, LED lights

La Trobe installs 7500 solar panels, LED lights A new solar panel installation at La Trobe will see the university achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2029. The solar energy project has just been completed at its Bundoora Campus, with 7500 solar panels energised on roofs around the university. The new solar panel system, which will generate 2.5 MW of clean, renewable electricity, is a cornerstone of La Trobe’s Net Zero Plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2029 through renewable energy projects, energy efficiency improvements and waste reduction on campus. La Trobe Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar AO said the university is proving it is serious about sustainability. “These panels will supply up to half of the campus’s energy needs on days of peak

Funding to fix unstable energy grids

Funding to fix unstable energy grids A study that will explore how to manage unstable and weak parts of the electricity grid has just received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The Grid Innovation Hub at Monash University has received $495,680 in funding to conduct a desktop study that explores issues and strategies associated with connecting renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and battery projects into weaker parts of the National Electricity Market (NEM). The $1.3 million project will use the West Murray region of the North West Victorian network as a case study due to the region’s current system stability challenges. Outcomes and outputs from the study will be applicable to other renewable energy zones (REZs) across the NEM, such