Treotham igus e-spool flex 2.0 cable reel

Treotham igus e-spool flex 2.0 cable reel

The igus e-spool flex 2.0 from Treotham is a cable reel that allows cables to be guided from start to end without slip rings or other connecting elements. This is made possible by a spiral guide which reels the cable in a controlled manner when it is rolled up.

This new type of cable reel can carry all cables and hoses for the transmission of energy, signals, data, liquids, compressed air and vacuum without interruption. Fully harnessed cables can thereby be used, which can be inserted into the drum in a few easy steps. The user simply inserts the cable into the spiral guide and fastens the cable stowed in the outer and winding housing of the e-spool flex 2.0.

The e-spool flex is available in three sizes for cables with a diameter of 5 to 15 millimetres and an extension length of 5 to 15 m. The cables can be quickly replaced at any time. In addition to a subsequent connection of the e-spool flex 2.0 with an existing cable, Treotham also offers the cable reel solution as ‘readychain’ or, better said, ‘readyspool’, fully harnessed with chainflex cables specifically designed for moving applications and with cables of other manufacturers.

The e-spool flex 2.0 is available in four versions: a low-cost version with a hand wheel to rewind the cable, a tool variant for cable reeling with cordless or pneumatic screwdriver, an automatic solution with spring-operated retraction mechanism or a version with spring drive and additional brake (in development).

The ‘classic’ applications for the new type of movable energy supply system will certainly be the external operating/programming panel for robots as well as operating units of (larger) machine tools. In addition, there are many other possible applications, such as the convenient guidance and height adjustment of suspended operating units, as used on indoor cranes, for example. Further areas of application are laboratories and test facilities as well as medical technology.

Published at Wed, 31 Mar 2021 13:00:00 +0000

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