Wiha XXL III heavy-duty electrician's tool case

Wiha XXL III heavy-duty electrician's tool case

The XXL III electric tool case from Wiha features large, specially designed wheels that allow it to easily roll over steps or rough terrain, overcoming obstacles frequently encountered on worksites. The case also features strong legs and an extendable step, allowing it to be used as a mobile mounting aid or for accessing difficult locations including ceilings and elevated spaces.

Two recessed notches in the case lid serve as a sawing aid and cutting cable ducts, pipes or rods to length is simplified thanks to the integrated ruler. Positioning the case on the four unfolded legs ensures a much more convenient, efficient and ergonomic working position, as users no longer have to bend down to the floor to get the tools. Shock absorbers prevent unintentional closing of the case lid and lower the risk of crushed fingers.

The tool case includes familiar tools for the electrical trade including voltage-proof screwdrivers, plier solutions, automatic crimping and stripping tools and special hand tools including a spirit level. It additionally includes a hacksaw, a multifunctional flashlight and electrician’s hammer. The 32-piece slimVario electric set is also included.

For more information: www.wiha.com/XXL3 or email sales@wiha.com.au.

Published at Mon, 30 Nov 2020 14:00:00 +0000

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