Consumers crazy for CBD? Today’s cannabis movement echoes natural market of the 1990s

By Laurie Demeritt

We see more and more consumers embrace activities promoting general health and wellness. Whether shopping, cooking, eating, exercising, reading or healing and taking care of themselves and their families, millions of Americans are participating in the marketplace that we define as “natural product worlds.” Healthier food, organic food, herbal and dietary supplements, natural personal care and household products, as well as a serious involvement with alternative medical treatments and practices, have come to represent lifestyle choices by which consumers can differentiate themselves in new and fulfilling ways.

While this could be said about today’s health and wellness consumers, we made these observations in 1998 in our Natural Sensibility: A Study of Changing Culture and Lifestyle report. So, it’s not that big of a news flash to us to see the emergence of cannabinoid products (both intoxicating and non-intoxicating) onto the mainstream stage.

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