Exclusive: Facebook, Apple, and Google Among 50 Tech Companies Working to Save America’s Largest Guest Worker Program

By: Nicole Goodkind

As the Supreme Court weighs the fate of the DACA program, 50 large tech companies, along with 11 professional and advocacy groups, have turned their concern towards another looming court case that threatens to end the largest guest work program in the United States, Optional Practical Training (OPT). 

An amicus brief filed today by FWD.us, an advocacy group founded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, reads as a who’s who of Silicon Valley. Tech giants like GoogleAppleAmazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Bloomberg, IntelMicrosoft, Tesla, Twitter, Uber, and Zillow have all signed on in support of the program, which allows international students in the United States on F-1 visas to remain in the country and work in fields akin to their degree for one year or for up to three years if they are in a STEM-related industry. 

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