Cannabis Legalization: Will Mexico Beat the US?


Cannabis regulation in Mexico is a key topic this week. The US, Canadian, and Mexican economies are more closely intertwined than other countries. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, about 14 million US jobs relate to trade with Mexico and Canada. Therefore, these countries might take cues on regulating an industry from each other.

Cannabis legalization

Cannabis regulation is a good example. After Canada legalized marijuana for recreational use in October 2018, legalizing marijuana in Mexico and the US gained momentum.

While several US states legalized recreational cannabis, Mexico wants to move in that direction as well. A bill to regulate cannabis was introduced in the Senate on September 3. Senator Julio Salazar, the bill’s sponsor, hinted at taking cues from Canada and the US on regulating cannabis. As a result, there will be a discussion on the bill this week. 

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