Despite recession fears, moving all your money from stocks to bonds is a bad idea if retirement is a long ways off

As I’ve watched my retirement portfolio value swing wildly up and down, I keep hearing in my head the iconic catchphrase from the campy TV show “Lost in Space.”

Danger, Will Robinson, danger,” the robot says during one episode of the science-fiction series. The robot flails about waving his silver arms warning of impending doom.

It’s been that kind of week for investors.

One day the stock market is up: Dow surges on news that U.S. will delay some tariffs

And then it’s down: Stock losses deepen as key recession indicator sparks new alarm

It’s understandable why you may feel whiplashed and worried that you’re in danger of losing a lot of money as the stock market seesaws following some tweet by President Trump on his ongoing trade war with China.

And now comes the warning that there’s a good chance a recession is coming.

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